First draft – Discovering my health, my sanity

Migraine headaches, aches and pains, mood  swings and PMS. During the nineties I was trying to bring up two young girls almost on my own as my husband was either absent or drowning his insecurities. The household economy fluctuated drastically and although I was living in Sweden I wasn’t Swedish. So it wasn’t easy trying to find employment, firstly because of my language inadequacy, also my lack of skills other than my hairdressing education and don’t let’s forget the worst economic crisis in Sweden since the 1930s. The solution was to start my own salon. Things went well, my husband helped with the interior decorating; mirrors and a secondhand shampoo chair. Then a little over a year later, me and the girls were forced to move to a small rented flat in Malmö so I had to sell the salon and find another. As the area we moved to wasn’t the best, the salon’s clientele wasn’t the most lucrative, so I found myself working long hours to bring in enough to support the family. I would work all week at the salon, sometimes Saturday mornings if a client requested it then drive home and spend my weekend on the floor trying to stave off frightful migrains. After a couple of years our family was reunited again and we decided we might be better off moving to Spain to start over.

It was during my time in Spain, on the Costa Del Sol, that I was first made aware of my candida infection. My husband had been listening to a programme on the Swedish radio station, an english naturopath who did tests for headaches and allergies. I tested positive for lots of things and was advised to start a very severe diet, basically just vegetables  at first then a little fish and chicken for nearly three months.  My headaches started to be less frequent and I noticed I wasn’t so tired. On my last visit he explained his diagnosis of candida and suggested if I was to stay well I should stay off sugar, fruit, dairy products and white flour as well as coffee, beer and alcohol. I was devastated, sounded like a life sentence. No bread, cheese, wine, just boring food for the rest of my life!



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