Trying out new techniques

Acrylic FusionAlthough still a novice when it comes to using acrylics I wasn’t finding much satisfaction and inspiration in the painting circles I frequented. Searching online I found just what I needed, an experienced award-winning artist who could guide me into new, exciting realms. Dan Tranberg’s book, Acrylic Fusion – Experimenting with alternative methods for painting, collage, and mixed media.

Acrylic Fusion encouraged me to delve into the magical excitement of textures, light and dimensions. I was especially happy with the results I got using his Hard Edge technique. Taping off areas and filling them with different washes and mixtures. Hours of taping, painting, washing and waiting resulted in surprising effects.

bluemoodsticky toffeepyramid ljuslight diamondfireand iceredtriangle



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