Shamash with easy tips on making things better!

When I started studying Mindfulness I bought books, lots of them. One of the most refreshing and easy to relate to was Shamas Alidina’s book Mindfulness for Dummies.

 I registered for his refreshing and informative newsletter as well. Here’s what he had to say this week…

 Those days when everything seems difficult, or just a few things seem irritating or get you feeling that life is too tuff – just take a moment…because this present moment is fresh and unique and full of potential.

 Even if you’re in a situation where there seems no way out. Why bother? Because today is a new day, a new opportunity!

 Here’s a few ways that’ll immediately and easily begin to create that change.

 1. Treat yourself really nicely – You can call this self compassion, self kindness or self love. Whatever word or words that work for you.

 Be nice to yourself. I mean super nice if you can. Hug yourself. Put your hand on your heart. Smile big and smile often. Treat yourself like you’d treat your best friend. No need to be embarrassed about this – it’s all the negativity in society that’s embarrassing.

It’s time to take a positive stand! This activates the nurturing and caring part of your brain to ease excess anxiety. See talks by Professor Paul Gilbert to learn more about this.

 2. Take really TINY steps and celebrate them big

 Feeling stressed all the time? Take a few deep breaths. Want a new job? Google new jobs in your area. Want to meditate daily.

Start with a few seconds today. And after you’ve done that, celebrate. Literally say to yourself ‘yippee. I’ve made a super tiny step to less stress. I’m so cool.’ Small steps are giant leaps in disguise. You can quote me on that one. 🙂

 3. Let EVERYTHING be your teacher. 

 I woke up a bit tired this morning. So today, I listened to my body and took a rest and didn’t push myself. The other day, a random person insulted me. I used the chance to learn to smile at him and practiced some forgiveness. Whatever adversity comes your way, big or small, be grateful ASAP. Maybe you have cancer, or maybe you have a cold. I’m not saying it’s easy, but I’m suggesting a way to a bit more peace and happiness. If you don’t feel grateful, just write down what you’ve learnt from the challenge. It won’t always be easy. That’s where the self kindness and tiny steps comes in. You can even take this to the next level and think – everything that I experience is specifically sent to me to teach me a lesson in life. To help me grow. To offer me a chance to help others. Thanks for teaching me this lesson, dear Universe! 

 Your friend, Shamash

 PS – I’m happy that you’re here, sharing your precious moments of life with me. Thank you!




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