Consciousness-altering drugs and our auric field.

Have you ever been attracted to a book lying in a secondhand bookshop and on browsing through the pages you suddenly realise why the attraction?

I picked up an old copy (1989) of Chris Griscom’s Time is an Illusion and flicking through I landed on a chapter titled Honing the Energies. She explained that if we wanted to perceive beyond our five senses we need to become aware of our own body’s energy fields and how to heighten its energy.

I read how if we do not express our feelings, the body stores them just like it stores biochemical substances such as glycogen.

“The body is a magnificent translator of matter to energy and energy to matter.  It views emotions as energy and ultimately stores that energy as matter within its cells. If the emotional energy is not subsequently released, it will condense into matter and create blockages within the body itself – leading to disease.”

She went on to explain how pollutants such as sugar, alcohol, chemicals also affect the body.  A couple of paragraphs on drugs left no doubt about just how damaging conscious- altering drugs are:-

“While there is no doubt that they change conscious perception, they do not effect the change by quickening our frequencies in a way that strengthens out energetic auric field. To the contrary, all of the recreational drugs actually put holes in the auric fields, which literally create a scar like web that is to some degree permanent. Scars in the auric field disrupt the integrity of our energetic flow. This disruption is very noticeable in terms of our ability to concentrate or focus our attention enough to be successful at manifestation. The crystalline forms of hallucinogens do produce a speeding up, but it is of a kind that is erratic in nature, thus creating an imbalance between the head and body. Traces of these chemical tricksters are visible in the iris of the eye for up to fifteen years. Meanwhile the slower vibrating substances such as marijuana leave a type of tarlike deposit on the nerve synapses in the brain. Marijuana stays in the system for about forty-five days, which gives us the false impression that it is not addictive because the body will not begin to feel the loss for such a long time. It is a silent addiction, masquerading as a harmless way to relax – just as alcohol does.”

She continued in detail about how our perception, capacity for communication, and self confidence amongst other qualities are damaged.

I was really surprised to find so much “Spot on” information in a small Bantam Pocket published in 1989, why is it taking so long for people to accept and understand that we are so much more than just blood and bones; that we need to cherish our bodies and accept that we are here for a reason.

Source – Time is an Illusion by Chris Griscom  Bantam books



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