Back problems – everyone has had pain at some time.


back pain

Any form of pain is distracting but back pain is probably the worst as you can’t even turn over in bed if your back hurts. I have suffered back pain on and off all my life; cervical and thoracic pain during my years working as a hairdresser, lower back pain during pregnancies and whilst sitting at the sewing machine for long periods. I’ve been lucky to find good chiropractic treatment in the past alleviating the problem areas but it comes back again!  For the past few years I’ve not come across any satisfactory help as I’ve been relocated four times in unfamiliar areas.

Reading up on alternative therapies I came across a very interesting slant on the back pain thing –

Louise L. Hay, author of many healing books, says: “all disease comes out of non-forgiveness“. She divides a person’s back into 3 parts, upper, middle and lower back and draws conclusions in regards to the pain:

• upper back pain – person doesn’t feel enough emotional support

• middle back pain– person could be dealing with guilt, anxiety, fear to face some hidden issues

• lower back pain – financial concerns.

Hay’s suggestion for solving these problems is to train new mind-settings and train them until the inner and outer attitude conform. A good way to start is to tell yourself in front of a mirror every day as often as possible:

• for general back pain: I know that life always supports me

• for upper back pain: I love and accept myself. Life loves and supports me.

• for middle back pain: I let go of the past. I am free to move forward with a loving heart.

• for lower back pain: I trust the process of life. Everything I need has been taken care of. I am safe.

 I am looking at myself in the mirror right now!



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